Rules and Information

Frequently asked - What do we include in the Rental Unit?

Two Bedroom Unit: Included in the rental unit are bed linens, 8 bath towels, 8 wash cloths, 8 hand towels and 2 bath mats. Beach towels are included through our linen service no need to wash or dry them if used before departure. Also provided are sheets for the sofa bed if 5 or 6 guests are reserved. All cooking and kitchen equipment are provided, beach chairs and a beach umbrella, two bars of bath soap, beginning trash bags, 2 kitchen wash & dry towels, and 2 rolls of toilet paper. (Some cleaning equipment may be under the sink but is not guaranteed.) In the office, we stock dish soaps and laundry soap as well as kitchen items and beach chairs/umbrellas, should you need assistance.) Paper towels are not included.

One Bedroom Unit: Same as above, though 4 of each towel versus 8. Sheets for the sofa bed only if 3 or 4 guests are reserved.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED: If a pet is found in a unit, the renter(s) risk being evicted with no refund of rental fees.
  3. CONDUCT - Parents are fully responsible for the conduct of their children at all times, NO skate boarding, roller blades, Frisbee tossing or other ball throwing games permitted on the lagoon side, parking area, pool area or passages.
  4. NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS – The maximum overnight occupancy of people of any age shall not exceed four (4) persons in a one-bedroom unit, six (6) persons in a two-bedroom unit, or eight (8) persons in a three-bedroom unit.
  5. OVERNIGHT GUESTS – Florida law requires all overnight guests be registered in the Manager’s Office.
  6. DAMAGES – Renters are financially responsible for any damages to the units or grounds, in accordance with the laws of Florida. Tenants are asked to take good care of their condominium units. Loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear is the tenant’s responsibility. Costs of repairs or replacements will be charged to the tenant.
  7. ELEVATORS – Located at the center staircase areas of each building. Children under 12 years of age shall not use the elevators unless accompanied by an adult.
  8. PARKING – All vehicles must have a Parking Permit, which is available at the office. Vehicles without Parking Permits will be towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense. Each apartment has an assigned, numbered parking space. Visitors or extra cars must park in spaces marked in the 400's (Ex: 400, 410, 430, etc.) Parking is limited to passenger vehicles. Trailers may only be parked overnight on the day of arrival. No vehicles over 20 ft. may be parked on the property. No vehicle parked on the property may be used as a living/sleeping accommodation.
  9. KAYAKS – Owners may obtain storage space from the office. Kayaks must be stored in the rack area or in the unit. Kayak use is at your own risk. Fisherman’s Cove Storage Rules and Florida Safety Regulations apply. The Board appointed Kayak Master would settle any disputes.
  10. DOCKS – A boat docking space must be obtained from the office. Proof of boat ownership, state registration number, and proof of insurance are required. Boat renters may receive a temporary docking assignment. The Board appointed Dock Master would settle disputes.
  11. BUILDING EXTERIOR – Nothing may be hung over the railings. No clotheslines may be erected outside the unit. Nothing may be shaken or discarded from walkways or passageways. Walkways and passageways shall remain obstruction free to satisfy Fire Marshal Regulations.
  12. OUTDOOR COOKING – May be done only near the seawall on the lagoon side. Charcoal and gas grills are provided.
  13. CARTS – Used for transporting luggage or groceries should be returned to their storage area under the stairways immediately after use.
  14. LAUNDRY – rooms on each floor near the elevator may be used only from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Laundry cannot be started after 9:00 pm.
  15. TRASH AND RECYCLABLES – Shall be in plastic bags and placed in the proper containers located at the ends of the parking lot.
  16. BEACH ACCESS – Use walkways only. No one is permitted on the planted dunes. Florida Law protects dune vegetation.
  17. EXCESSIVE NOISE – Vehicles creating excessive noise are not allowed. Owners and guests need to be good neighbors and curb loud disturbances. Fireworks are not permitted on the property.
  18. LAWN AND BEACH FURNITURE – Must be returned to the Condominium or storage area when the Unit is not in use or when windstorms threaten.
  19. BICYCLES – May be parked, temporarily, in the bicycle racks located by the center stairways. They may not be parked elsewhere on the grounds.
  20. MAIL – Delivered and picked up daily at around 12:00 noon, except Sunday and holidays. Mailboxes are located on the first floor near the elevator.

Swimming Pool Rules

POOL HOURS: 8:00 AM – Dusk
ADULTS ONLY SWIM: 8:00-9:00 AM and 5:00-6:00 PM

Pool capacity = 11 persons





Florida Air Conditioning Tips

All rental units in Fisherman's Cove are equipped with Central Air Conditioning for your comfort. However often our guests are unfamiliar with the problem of "FREEZING UP" that may occur because of Florida's high humidity!

What Causes Freeze-Up?

Running your Air Conditioning with the Sliding Glass doors and/or windows & doors OPEN will often freeze-up your Air Conditioning during humid weather.

How Will I Know When The Air Conditioning Is Frozen?

When your Air Conditioning stops cooling and it gets HOT in your unit , the likely cause will be that it is frozen up.

What Do I Do When The Air Conditioning Is Frozen?

Unfortunately - you will SWEAT! You need to turn off the Air Conditioning and leave it off for 24 hours until it thaws out.

Once the Air Conditioning is frozen up, a service call may have to be initiated, and you may have to go WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING for a day or two until the service technician arrives.

How Can I Prevent Freeze-Up And Keep My Unit Cool?

It's really simple, keep all doors and windows closed and let your Air Conditioning work.

Air Conditioned Rooms are just like refrigerators, if you leave the refrigerator door open all of the time, the refrigerator will never get cold. If you leave your rental units doors/windows open all the time, you will never get COOL!

If you want to enjoy Florida Fresh Air breezes - TURN OFF THE AIR CONDITIONING AND OPEN EVERYTHING UP. Later if you chose, Close up and turn the Air back on for sleeping comfort.